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Radiant Photo 1.3:
Focus on Natural Beauty

Radiant Photo’s latest update introduces groundbreaking Portrait and Skin Tone tools that accurately preserve and enhance the natural beauty of every skin type and tone. 

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From photographers, for photographers

Radiant Photo’s Portrait tools have been developed and fine-tuned in conjunction with pro photographers and with the feedback of users who could test the new controls during a beta phase of the software.

Especially for the Skin Tone tools, Radiant Imaging Labs teamed up with Matthew Jordan Smith, a renowned professional photographer with a dynamic career spanning Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles. He has captured iconic images of world-renowned figures, including Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Angela Bassett, Sofia Vergara, Samuel L. Jackson, Britney Spears, and Zendaya. 

Matthew Jordan Smith says: “Radiant Photo is insanely amazing for taking my photographs to the next level. The Portrait and Skin Tone tools are game-changers, keeping my subjects’ skin looking naturally beautiful, with just the right look. Radiant Photo has become my go-to tool, saving me time while making my images come alive.”

After a test shoot for Radiant Photo, Matthew Jordan Smith started editing his portrait photographs of our model Nisa right away in Radiant Photo, using the all-new Skin Tone tools and retouching options of the software. 

The new Portrait tools for perfect skin tones in detail

Skin Tone Detection

Advanced scene detection analyzes each photo to detect the skin tone of the primary subject. A 10-point scale ensures a perfect balance of lighting to bring out  the natural beauty.

Skin Tone Balance

The all-new Skin Tone Balance slider precisely balances light, color, and overall scene aesthetics. It does not change the skin tone itself, but ensures an accurate representation of it.

Skin & Depth Bias

The Skin & Depth Bias feature not only addresses exposure issues commonly found in digital cameras but also offers additional controls for tuning the depth of a photo. You can also opt for a brighter look here.

Infrared Removal

Radiant Photo’s Infrared Removal detects and corrects reddish tones caused by infrared light in  photos, ensuring subjects appear true-to-life in their photos.

Color Cast Removal

This brand-new option effectively removes unwanted color spill from solid or dark backgrounds, offering automatic white balance correction for a studio-quality finish.

New Color Style tools in Radiant Photo

The Radiant Photo 1.3 update also introduces a Color Style toolset, empowering users to precisely manipulate specific colors for more creative editing. 

With the new Selective Color tool, photographers can target and manipulate specific colors with precision, adjusting hue, saturation, luminance, range, and feather for customized effects. Split Color Warmth divides photos into warm and cool zones, allowing users to emphasize color differences and create stunning split-tone effects, but for color. Or you can warm up areas that are too cold to create a better color balance.

These new tools can be used in conjunction with Radiant Photo’s other Color Grading options, applying LOOKs or adding a Graduated Filter effect shaping the light and controlling the focal point in an image.

Radiant Photo's mission

Our company is 100% owned and operated by photographers. When we started working on Radiant Photo, we wanted to create a product, that we will want to use in our own workflow every day. Quality software that’s priced fairly. And we decided to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products. But actually only 0.5% of our customers make use of it … 

Elia Locardi, professional photographer and CEO of Radiant Imaging Labs (on the left with his family) says: 

“Photographs are more than just images; they are the everlasting stories of our lives, capturing the precious moments we cherish deeply. In these stories, we all yearn to show the brightest versions of ourselves. 

At the heart of this narrative is the portrayal of our skin tones, a profound element that tells the story of who we are in hues that resonate with our innermost selves. With our newest Portrait tools, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that every individual shines in their photographs, their skin radiating with genuine, natural beauty. Moving away from the realm of excessive editing and artificial changes.”