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Early Exterior Twilight-before Early Exterior Twilight-after
Enhanced Interior-before Enhanced Interior-after
Bright Commercial Exterior-before Bright Commercial Exterior-after
Tungsten Lights Control-before Tungsten Lights Control-after

Randy Van Duinen Architectural

Contains 10 unique presets.


Randy Van Duinen’s Architectural and Travel Presets are designed to enhance your architectural images to their best photographic potential very quickly with Radiance Photo. Randy has used his over 35 years of photographing and teaching architectural photography experience to create these presets to help your architectural photography be the best it can be.

The commercial and residential architectural presets are designed so you can quickly and easily adjust your images for clients, which will give you more time to go out and photograph more images. In addition, the architectural travel presets will make your viewers want to go and visit the places you have photographed!

What’s included:

Residential & Commercial

  • Interior Enhancement
  • Early Exterior Twilight
  • Bright Commercial Exterior
  • Daylight Interior with Windows
  • Tungsten Light Control
  • Residential Daylight Exterior


  • High ISO Travel Interior
  • Travel Exterior Twilight
  • Travel Maximum Color
  • Architecture & Landscape
About the Artist: Randy Van Duinen

Randy has been in love with photography from the first time he and his brother picked up his grandfather’s old Argus rangefinder camera. He has also combined his two other passions of architecture and travel, along with sharing that knowledge with others in his workshops, speaking, and training classes.
Randy grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is now his home base after he lived in California for over 12 years and St. Petersburg, Florida, for 20 years. Randy planned to become an architect until he picked up his grandfather’s camera, but he soon discovered he liked photographing architecture. Shortly after buying his first Olympus OM-1, he took his Old VW Bus camper and headed out west, where he found his affinity for landscape and travel photography.
Randy’s photography has been on the covers and inside national magazines ranging from “Interiors” and “Professional Builder” to the covers of “Professional Photographer” and “Photoshop User.” Randy received the Silver Medal in the 2014 World Photographic Cup for his commercial photography and was on the USA Team both 2014 and 2016.

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