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Food_Beverage_6 Food_Beverage_6_After
Food_Beverage_2 Food_Beverage_2_After
Food_Beverage_3 Food_Beverage_3_After
Food_Beverage_Samples_0002_Long Island iced tea before Food_Beverage_Samples_0003_Long Island iced tea after

Food and Beverage Presets by Joe Glyda

Ten Unique Presets and Four Looks


A collection of presets for food and beverage by Joe Glyda.

What’s included:

  • Brain Freeze Blaster
  • Chocolate Martini
  • Open Shades of Blue
  • Early Morning Mimosa
  • Darkened Rum Runner
  • Warmth and Sharpness
  • Daylight Cafe Recipe
  • Breakfast Sunshine
  • Lunchtime Light
  • Fresh Dessert POP