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dreamy_0003_dreamy dreamy_0003_dreamy_after
dreamy_0004_dreamy dreamy_0004_dreamy_after
dreamy_0000_dreamy dreamy_0000_dreamy_after
dreamy_0001_dreamy dreamy_0001_dreamy_after

Bright & Dreamy Presets and Looks by Nicolesy

Pack by Nicolesy (contains eight unique Presets & LOOKs)


Whether its a waking dream or soft light, these presets and looks are perfect for lifestyle photos.

What’s included:

  • Nicolesy Dreamy 01
  • Nicolesy Dreamy 02
  • Nicolesy Dreamy 03
  • Nicolesy Dreamy 04
  • Nicolesy Dreamy 05
  • Nicolesy Dreamy 06
  • Nicolesy Dreamy 07
  • Nicolesy Dreamy 08
About the Artist: Nicole S. Young

Nicole S. Young, a.k.a. ā€œNicolesy.ā€ is a full-time photographer and author, that thrives on inspiring and encouraging photographers to improve their craft and grow as artists.

She loves to teach, learn and share what she knows through her blog, articles, videos, interviews, and training materials.

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