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jumpstory-download20221008-020729_GLOBAL_COLOR_BEFORE-2048 jumpstory-download20221008-020729_GLOBAL_COLOR_AFTER-2048
AdobeStock_308865241_GLOBAL_COLOR_BEFORE-2048 AdobeStock_308865241_GLOBAL_COLOR_AFTER-2048
AdobeStock_168447165_GLOBAL_COLOR_BEFORE-2048 AdobeStock_168447165_GLOBAL_COLOR_AFTER-2048
AdobeStock_248770051_GLOBAL_COLOR_BEFORE-2048 AdobeStock_248770051_GLOBAL_COLOR_AFTER-2048

Global Color Looks

Contains 16 unique LOOKs


These LOOKs are built from the color palettes found in some of the world’s greatest cities. A light touch is perfect for a gentle mood or go stronger for all-new effects.

What’s included:

Contains sixteen unique LOOKs for use with Radiant Photos color grading tools.

  • Buenos Aires
  • Cairo
  • Chicago
  • Curacao
  • Lagos
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Mexico City
  • Miami
  • Mumbai
  • New York
  • San Diego
  • Sao Paulo
  • Seattle
  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo
About the Artist: Rich Harrington

As a digital video expert and trained business professional, Rich Harrington understands both the creative and management sides of the visual communications industry. He is the founder of the visual communications company RHED Pixel in Washington, DC. He is a certified instructor for Adobe and Apple and a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team. Rich is a popular speaker on the digital video circuit and has served as program manager for conferences hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). He has also written several books for the video industry, including An Editor’s Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro, From Still to Motion, and Photoshop for Video.

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